It Is Tuesday Night. Why Is Everyone In My Park?

Well one answer is because it was a beautiful day.  Another reason is that there are free Tuesday night Jazz concerts in the park.  Still more people were playing baseball on both the central ball fields and Aviation Field.  As an aside, Aviation Field is so named because it was first St. Louis airfield.  The original hanger is still there.  It now serves as the mounted police stables.  I managed to get 15 miles and to tryout my new camera.  Thank you, Anne.  Today’s header is a picture of Jefferson Lake.  Speaking of Anne, she had her GED class tonight so couldn’t ride with me. 

4 thoughts on “It Is Tuesday Night. Why Is Everyone In My Park?

  1. A thesis and thesis committee vs. a five-paragraph essay, plus muliple guess questions in writing, reading, math, science and social studies. Hmmm.

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