Bit of This, A Bit of That

You know how you sometimes you wished you had a camera?  This morning at the light I witnessed a guy on a scooter cruising by.  That is until he hit one of those big metal plates the water company puts down.  He hit it and proceeded to skid and fishtail through the intersection.  He succeeded in stopping safely.  Thank God!  He had blown out his rear tire.  I felt guilty for not stopping.  I still do.


Barb and I got our walk in at eleven, but we had bad storms at noon.  A tornado warning was called at the airport although there was no word on the PA.  You know how paints counties red or yellow.  Today it had a cone starting over the airport, heading east cutting through multiple jurisdictions.  I’ve not seen any reports of damage so I guess there were no touchdowns.

It was a quiet night in the park tonight.  The scooter guy was gone.  I got 15 miles in.  I’ve 1500 miles now for the year.  Don, Kubie, Tony’s?  Anne has her GED class on Tuesdays, so couldn’t ride.  I just hope she graduates.  😉  The Shakesphere Festival was dark. 

 Lincoln Truck

This Lincoln exhibit on a truck was in town for the weekend and we missed it.  It is headed to Peoria, IL this week, so maybe Nook will see it?  Check out,

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  1. Susan 1400 wow! I can feel your hot breath on the back of my neck. I check with Don tonight but I think that he is still in triple digits.

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