Bike to Work for Real

There were no lights.  There were no cameras.  There really wasn’t even much action.  There weren’t even any donuts.  On the other hand the sun was rising, the sky was clear, the wind was calm and the air was cool, perfect biking weather.  I decided to shower (for what its was worth) and shave (I’d forgotten to on Friday). 

I rolled out at 6:15 and headed north.  The first third of the commute is through familiar neighborhood streets.  The second third is on bike paths and crosses the UofM St. Louis campus.  The 1st part of the last third is through the Kinloch ghost town (see below).  The last part is through Boing-Boing. 

The trip is 14 miles oneway and you know it really bothers me that is that it is not 15.  I got to work at 7:30 and changed in the men’s room and started work at 7:45.  I also parked my bike inside, in a vault, but you know I still padlocked it.

The ride home was also equally uneventful.  The wind was up but it was a perfect tailwind.  It actually felt cooler then in the morning.  I saw more cyclists then in the morning.  All in all much more relaxing then the I-170 rat race.

Kinloch is the oldest African-American community to be incorporated in the state of Missouri and was once home to a vibrant and flourishing black community.  In the 1980’s, the airport began to buy out property in Kinloch as part of its expansion.  Eventually the airport took the majority of private homes there.  Kinloch lost more than 75 percent of its population.  The effect of this buyout was disastrous for the community and contributed more than anything else to its present plight.  – Wiki


3 thoughts on “Bike to Work for Real

  1. I don’t have a blog but I like reading everyone elses blogs. I watched CBS last Friday morning and I was going to look for you. Then I realized that with helmets on, you can’t tell who is who and I don’t really know what you look like! So if you were there, I probably saw you. Also, that Kinloch area sounds spooky to me. It is a shame what happened when the airport bought up the land. Detroit City Airport area is quite depressing too. I hope that it is safe for you to ride through the area. Be careful and have fun.

  2. Hey it is only May 20th here – and it is 11:08 P.M. here too. The clock on this blog needs repair, I think. I don’t want to get older any sooner than I have to.

  3. Kathy, thanks for your concern. So far I’ve not been threatened.

    About the clock, wordpress is on GMT. I tried to adjust ot CDT. I think I added when I should have subtracted.

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