Bikers by the Bar


We went to Blueberry Hill for dinner.  The four of us plus Riley aka Void.  Rich, Riley’s boy friend stopped by to say hello but had takeout Thai in hand. 

Blueberry Hill is the product of Joe & Linda Edwards.  This couple started with Blueberry Hill and eventually recolonized U City.  When the boys got old enough that you couldn’t take them anywhere you could always take them to Blueberry Hill.  As the pictures above imply this place has more action figures, toys, games, etc. then anywhere else.  Then one winter night, when I dropped, Anne, the boys and Bubs & Harry curbside in front of Blueberry Hill.  Young Dan exclaimed, “You’re not taking me to another cowboy bar!?” 

About bikers by the Bar, while we were sitting there about 50-100 extravagantly dressed young men and women rode by on bicycles.  We’re talking ties, tails, dresses and top hats.  Five minutes later they rode back the other way.  Now I thought I was tuned into the St. Louis biker scene but this ride was a mystery to me.  On the way out I asked the bouncer about them.  He said that it was a pub roll.  He seemed disappointed that they didn’t stop this night at Blueberry Hill. 

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  1. I love Blueberry Hill! sure, I haven’t been there in 15+ years, but I remember it fondly. Do they still have old style pinball?

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