Charles the Great Horned Owl

Charles the Great Horned Owl

4 thoughts on “Charles the Great Horned Owl

  1. I’ve put up a couple of films lately about the Great Horned Owl pair living in our woods, and I considered naming them since I figure to post more about them. I’ve been trying to figure out whether they copulate after their eggs are laid.The reason I’m curious is that I filmed them mating January 27th, a month after my husband saw them doing it. We had been assuming they had eggs, but once I saw them copulating, I wondered if we’d been mistaken. No way to climb fifty feet up the Sycamore they nest in and find out.

  2. Charles is a Dude, as are all GHOs. I saw a slo mo movie of one on the net. Believe it or not, they have furry eyelids! He blinked slowly in the slomo shot and you could see his furry eyelids.

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