Nottoway Plantation

Nottoway Plantation

4/25/82 – Thank God for Daylight Savings Time! We spent a lot of time (and money) and enjoyed it. The tour is good, as is the food. Riding the River Road was enjoyable in the early afternoon. Just after the Hermitage it rained briefly, getting us wet and muddy. Late afternoon and evening was press on regardless. It was dark by the time that we made the motel. In Reserve a sheriff’s car, through its loudspeaker, told us to get off the road and ride on the sidewalk, which was the pits! We cut up to 61 and used the shoulder instead. We spent $23.06 for lunch and $23.50 for the motel room. My Coke habit was up to $1.50 a day at this point. Anne always separated out my soda expenses in disapproval.

We are currently riding Cycle Zydeco. I pre-positioned this post in case poor cell coverage prevented me from posting is real time. I may miss a post or two. 

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