Thrones Theories

Photo by Linus Sandvide on Unsplash

For the second time, I contemporaneously watched a Game of Thrones episode. Maybe it has always been like this and I just didn’t notice or maybe because it is the final season, but the post-show hysteria in unbelievable. This is abetted by the fact that this season’s first two episodes have basically been just preamble.

In episode one or more accurately 8-1 the good guys (and girls) assemble, with a lot of meet and greet dialog. Many of these characters have been inhabiting totally separate storylines and this is the first time that they appear together, which I suppose is a fan reward all by itself. In the second episode everyone is just sitting around waiting for death or more specifically the army of the dead. The Night King and his horde of zombies finally arrive, but only just in time to view the rolling of the credits. This sets up the next episode for the big battle.

Reading the post-show hype, I am struck that every little look, action or word portends something either truly great or totally awful, but usually awful. This show is notorious for killing off its characters and with two episodes of calm, the next should be an Armageddon. So, everyone is guessing who goes and who stays. Think of it as a medieval Survivor, where cast members get voted off by the season load. So, I guess that it is only natural to root for ones favorites.

The really crazy theories try to predict how this will all turn out. Reading them, from my relatively uninitiated point-of-view, they start off sounding plausible, but then they go on and that’s where they start to lose me. To use a sports analogy it seems similar to picking a perfect March madness bracket. It all looks so good until… And in Thrones the upsets are engineered in to be diabolical.

As the graphic for this post I am using a photo that was made available through the website Upsplash. People post their photos to it and there they are shared. To go with the Thrones theme of this post, I first searched for a dragon, but none of them were what I was looking for. Then I searched on castle and found this dandy. It is sort of reminiscent of the Stark catacombs in Winterfell.

There are some signs and accompanying theories that there might be some critical action in them. I do hope that if the Night King does reanimate all of the Stark ancestors that Ned Stark is not able to lift the lid off his crypt. But on the other hand, it would be different to see Sean Bean carrying his head under his arm all headless horseman style. 

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