Climbing Trees For Learning

Climb a tree – it gets you closer to heaven. ~Author Unknown

The picture shows several middle school students getting ready to climb the large oak tree across from the school.  Many students signed up for an after-school activity sponsored by the school.  Monday night, when I came out of the school building, there was a man with a hard hat throwing ropes over the branches.  I worriedly asked him if they were going to take the tree down.  Recent events, [our storm damage] may have colored my reaction! 😆  He explained that he was setting the lines that the middle school students would use the next day.  The middle school is structured according to the metaphor, School as Expedition, with the motto, “We are Crew, not Passengers”. This activity was another chance to find another perspective via travel to a different place, or as might be, a different branch.  Don’t you wish your middle school, (or junior high) had offered opportunities like this?

Anne authored the bulk of this post, the paragraph and the picture above. I do have one school related item to add, a joke. Originally, it was a New Yorker cartoon, so let’s see how well it translates from the visual cartoon form to words. Entitled, “Parent – Janitor Conference”, imagine a scene in the school’s boiler room. Two parents sit opposite the school’s janitor who gives them the bad news, “Your kid throws up a lot.” I’m guessing the original was better?

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