Meliora is a Latin adjective meaning better.  It is the neuter plural (nominative or accusative) form of the adjective “melior, -or, -us”.  It is also the motto of the University of Rochester. In this context it is accusative and used substantively (i.e., as a noun) to mean better things, always better, ever better, or, more fully, for the pursuit of the better.

– per Wiki

Dave could have had an almost free ride to the University of Missouri’s Rolla campus, our state’s engineering school.  He went to two summer camps there, while still in high school, mining camp and explosives camp.  He enjoyed both of these camps, even though they were basically just recruiting camps.  So he had some familiarity with the school.  Meliora.

On a lark, Dave visited the UofR campus one summer when Anne and he were visiting our friends there.  He made that decision that summer.  He first convinced Mom and then they convinced me.  It was way more expensive than Rolla would have been, but I am now convinced of its value.  Meliora.

Rochester’s 2010 graduating engineering class was about a quarter women.  Dave’s BME class was half male, half female.  This is quite an improvement over Michigan State’s, Jay’s, Mr. Bill’s and my, 1970s era engineering demographics.  Way back then the number of women in our department was in the single digits, the low single digits.  Meliora.

In the spirit of Meliora, the BME Department offered before and after photos of this year’s graduates.  Above are Dave’s pair of photographs.  He looks a lot happier now, then he did before.  He looks better too.  Meliora.

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