The Katy Trail in Indian Summer

Saturday we drove across the wide Missouri.  Really, it is still in flood.  Anne and I bicycled on the Katy Trail.  The weather was gorgeous.  With a high of seventy-eight degrees and cloudless skies, you could not ask for a better Indian summer afternoon.  We started at Weldon Spring and biked to Augusta.  There we lunched at the Augusta Brewery.  We like it because it is at the bottom of the hill that Augusta is built on.  It was crowded, with about half cyclists and half drivers.  We got twenty-one miles.

At Matson I saw a flyer for a mystery novel called, Peril on the Katy Trail by Robert Shoop.  The teaser line goes like this:  A woman who can’t remember a man who can’t forget and a person who desperately needs to kill them both!  The rest of the novel’s description sounds somewhat cheesy, but I must admit, I still find interesting:

The Katy Trail is a 225-mile long biking trail from Clinton to St. Charles, Missouri.  It’s one of the most beautiful bike trails in the world.  Samuel an ex-Navy SEAL is just trying to get away from it all.  Into his life drops Misty, a mysterious woman with amnesia.  She just happens to have a shotgun-toting man chasing her.  Samuel has no choice.  His sense of honor forces him to protect her. Thus begins one of the wildest bicycle rides in history.

Last month the League of American Bicyclists named Saint Louis a Bicycle Friendly Community (bronze level).  Saint Louis was one of fifteen cities so named.  The seventy miles of on street bike paths in Bike Saint Louis program were instrumental in garnering this recognition.

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