Guest Blog from the Great North

It is July 28th when I am writing this.  I’m currently sitting at Fernelius Hyundai, waiting to see why my Check Engine Light has decided to light.  I hope it’s something easy, since I’m scheduled to drive to Quebec by way of Ottawa on Friday.  However, I’m happy that if it did have to light, it did it here, rather than halfway between Sudbury and North Bay! [It turned out to be a cracked gas tank filler spout.  Parts are on order and should arrive on Thursday.]

We’ve had lots of gray weather here, interspersed with periods of sunshine.  Today, it was partly sunny when we left the cabin.  Turning East on 6-Mile, I managed to clip on my sunglasses one-handed.  Then we turned South on Baker Side Road, and wondered why I’d bothered with the sunglasses.  Masses of dark cumulonimbus clouds formed over the Soo.  Now it’s sunny again.  Go figure.

Due to the changeable weather, I haven’t taken the bicycle out since last week’s ride to Rudyard.  I hope to get out today or tomorrow.  Sunday, Mom and I went over to see the tail end of the Superior Whitefish Festival in Bay Mills, just down the road from the Dancing Crane.  Yesterday, we went in to lunch at Penny’s Kitchen.  Cam and Barb were there, as well as Fran, Mouse and Janet.  Green Guy and Froggy were there too, and surprisingly well-behaved and quiet.  The green ones and Mouse and Janet went to visit Betty after lunch.  Mom and I stopped at Gloria’s Happy Hooker on the way back.  I did my part to contribute to the local economy, while Mom stayed in the car and read her book.

I’m sending pictures of a couple of weather pictures, (gray is a very sophisticated color), and one with mergansers among the seagulls on the rocks in front of Jeff and Betty’s place. — Your Northern Correspondent, Pooh

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