Eco Agent

More bicycling propaganda … via EcoVelo

I’m in Florida and it is cold down here.  Well at least it is cold by Florida standards, low in the thirties and highs only in the sixties.  I stupidly left my jacket in the car.  I may regret that decision.

I flew down here last night.  The guys I’m traveling with and I went out for seafood last night.  It was very good.  Off to work now, …

Back from work now, we saw many gators in the swamps by the side of the roads.  Also many, many egrets and herons too.  We also saw a herd, (or maybe a pack?) of wild pigs and a single deer.  To finish today’s wildlife adventure we saw a pair of hunting dogs, hounds that both had radio tracking collars on, who had gotten lost in the swamp.  One of the other guys had a pickup and was able to coach them into the back.  He then turned them over to the authorities.

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  1. not at all related, but an item I believe Marquis would believe in and use if his kids were still small.
    “The most popular item: baby diaper covers in black and white with the logo “Change We Need” across the backside.” this was one of several items for sale at a bookstore in LA, where Obama went to college for 2 years.

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