News from the Great North East


Dave sent the following status update yesterday and by permission I do blog:

Hey all!  This is the news in brief:

– We at the house (which we refer to as the Eggplant) have gotten a cat.  His name is Freddy.

– I am currently pursuing an internship at the lab of one my professors.  This would likely be for next semester and over the summer.  I’ll let you know when I know more, but if I do get this I will be in Rochester next summer.

– I think that I have to bite the bullet and acknowledge, that I was not adopted … It has gotten too hard to read the board in classes so I think it would be good idea to schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist over break.

– I’ve been tutoring at night through the center for academic support to supplement my income from Dr. Alice … Mom, I have more respect for what you do.

-I’m very excited to come home for Thanksgiving break and see everyone.

That is all, love, Dave, the favorite.

The favorite?  JANE!  See what you  have started!

Frank and Kathy, if your cat is missing, I think that I have a lead …

In truth we are proud of both of our sons.

3 thoughts on “News from the Great North East

  1. But I AM the favorite! It has been confirmed by a legal document.

    I also think it’s interesting that Dave mentions adoption – as I was told numerous times by my sisters that I was adopted. And like Dave, I think I need glasses for reading now. Although it was a few decades longer for me to get to this point….

  2. Whoa – NOT FAIR, and I have had glasses at least around since 3rd grade. So she gets EVERYTHING!!!

    Oh – Maybe I should read the whole comment.
    Sorry – love to all.

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