Mark and Bob’s Play Day

Bob flew into town yesterday.  He arrived about five minutes after the power came back on last night.  Bob, Joanie and I made a Ted Drews run for concretes and then went over to Andrew’s dorm to drop off his.  We visited for a while and then Bob dropped Joanie and I off and went to his hotel.  Anne was asleep so Dan ended up eating her concrete.  I didn’t get to bed until after one.

Today, I took a vacation day.  I watched Obama’s infomercial as I was waiting for Bob to show up.  He arrived and we set off by bike for the Park.  We did once around and then doubled back to the Boathouse for lunch.  We both had salmon BLTs, with bleu cheese coleslaw.  Yummy!  We got 13 miles.  Returning home we changed out of our bike duds and drove south to Jefferson Barrack County Park. 

This park has a Frisbee golf course.  The course was a lot bigger and the rough was a lot rougher then either Bob or I were used to.  I don’t play it all that often, as my game reflects, but Bob and Chris do.  They get quite competitive about it in Rochester.  I couldn’t rise to Bob’s level of play, but the course did.  It challenged him.  It even ate one of his discs on the eighteenth hole. 

We returned home in time to greet Anne returning home from school.  Over beer, cheese and crackers she regaled us with her trials and tribulations from the fourth grade.  Afterwards, Bob and I started our favorite wargame, Victory In The Pacific, World War II naval combat in the pacific.  Bob usually wins, but a run of luck has left me in a good position at mid-game.  Bob has gone to take Andrew out to diner.  I am taking a breather and blogging.  He is spending the night, so he’ll be back.  A good day.  Tomorrow is work and Friday.

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