$700,000,000,000.00 Bail Out Has Its Biking Benefits

The bail out bill included the Bicycle Commuter Benefits Act.  Your employer can give you $20/month, tax free, for biking to work.  Congressman Blumenauer of Oregon included a bike commuter benefit provision in HR1424, the $700 billion Wall Street bailout package.  The benefit begins with the new year in 2009.  Employers may reimburse employees, tax free, for “reasonable” expenses related to their bike commute, including equipment purchases (Performance Bike), bike purchases (Maplewood Bicycles), repairs (Mesa Cycles), and storage (Believe me, $20 won’t make it this far) if the bicycle is used as a “substantial part” of the commuter’s trip to work for the month.  $20 per month is not much of a bail out, but it is a start. 

I rode this morning after last night’s rain.  I nearly ran over a muskrat.  I got 15 miles.  😉

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