Do You Have Business Cards for Your Website?

Anne and I biked down to Schlafly’s Tap Room for lunch today.  We got in 16 miles.  The weather was perfect so we ate outside on the patio.  Anne had a Pizzaladiere or a French pizza and I had what the kid at the next table was having, cod fish and chips.  The American kid had a British father who recounted his recollections of the Cod War.  Anne and I each had a pumpkin beer.  One of the two women who were sitting at the table on the other side of ours talked about the internal politics at one of the local public radio stations, KDHX

A couple of tables over was a man with a dog, Quigley, an Irish Wolf Hound.  The man was just hanging out and would tell anyone who came by to pet Quigley, about Quigley and his tin whistle website.  He would then handout a business card about his website.  Eventually, a young Israeli couple sat down at the table next to Quigley, et. al. and after Quigley’s owner handed out his business card the Israeli man reciprocated with his own business card for his own website.  Maybe I should get business cards for my website?  Quite the eclectic clientele, plus two stinky bikers. 

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