Saint Louis and its 15 Minutes

Joe Biden and Sarah Palin are coming to town tomorrow.  Security will be insane.  They will be regulating banning car traffic for a square mile centered around the Washington University auditorium.  Since the auditorium is just a little over a mile from our house and between my work and home, tomorrow night’s traffic will be even more insane.  Four years ago the debate cost me an extra hour in traffic.  This year they have expanded the security cordon such that the way I went home last time will be closed.  I plan on biking to work tomorrow.

Tonight, Anne and I plan on going to the Pulitzer Foundation of the Arts to see the Dan Flavin: Constructed Light exhibit.  The write up for this exhibit follows:

The focus of this exhibition is the experience of Dan Flavin’s work – sculptural installations composed of mass-produced light fixtures and fluorescent tubes – within the architecture and shifting natural light of the Pulitzer building.

Flavin’s art work extends beyond the physical hardware to encompass the surrounding space it illuminates. As a result, his art is inseparable from the architecture in which it is presented, an effect that is especially powerful within the Pulitzer building.

In conjunction with that exhibit the Light Project  is lit at night.  I posted a daytime photo of the Light Project in 50 Miles & 5 Festivals In 5 Hours, I’m So Fried.  This is a write up on it:

This initiative is motivated by a commitment to the arts and an interest in social and urban revitalization, beginning with our own Grand Center neighborhood. Each outdoor light installation employs and/or references projected, emanating or natural light.

Here are some pictures of the Light Project and one of the Dan Flavin exhibit from outside.  They did not allow inside photography:

And a Bush Family video:

I got 15 miles in the Park this morning.  It was very cool.  I didn’t make my sanity quotient.  I only saw three other bikers insane enough to be out this morning.  Although, one of them was insanely fast. 

Apparently, there is an epidemic on insanity sweeping the town this week.  😮

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