I Blame the Cubs

The Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908.  That’s right a hundred years ago.  For many of those years the Saint Louis Cardinals stood as a bulwark preventing the baby bears access to the post season.  For most of the time though the Cubs were their own insurmountable barrier.  Yesterday, the baseball season ended in St. Louis, albeit on a win.  While the Cubs are now in the post-season for only the sixth time since 1945.  So in these troubled economic times people need search no further for the cause, the underlining reason for our crashing stock markets then the Chicago Cubs.  So do we really need a $700 billion bailout program or just some good pitching?  It is in troubled times like these that I take refuge in thoughts of former, better days and it is our heroes of the past that buck me up.  One such hero here in Saint Louis is Stan the Man, whose star on the Saint Louis walk of fame is pictured above.

… and then there is Froggy’s search for salvation:

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