First there was Pecos Bill then there was Missourah Mark

Wanted dead or alive because after he has ridden 150+ miles he smells so bad that it is hard to tell the difference.  And wanted isn’t exactly the right word.  We’ll take him off your hands for $10,000.  Now we will be willing to come down on price if you shower him hard or maybe run him through a sheep dip a few times.

Well we’ll just have to get back to Missourah Mark a wee bit later.  This weekend’s big news was Anne’s and Mark’s successful completion of the MS 150 bike ride.  Together for better or worse we rode 154 miles.  This was Anne’s fourth ride.  It was the second that she has completed and the first that she has exceeded 150 miles.  Woo Hoo! 

Mark on the other hand has lost track of how many MS 150 bike rides he has done.  While still interested in biking his interests have shifted from numbers like miles or miles per hour or MS 150 bike rides to more of the ethos of biking.  Mark has recently branched out into movies.  Yes, he has recently gone Chromoly-wood.  He has this lame idea to make a movie about a rags to riches charity bike team.

We both had a good ride.  The weather was great.  There is nothing like a hurricane remnant to cool off the summer heat.  The hills were plentiful and tough, sometimes very tough.  More to follow.  Now about Missourah Mark, beware!  He is a cousin outlaw!!

OBTW, today’s header is from Saturday morning and has the finish line on our side, because the professional photographer is on the other side, the start side.  Anne is third from the left and it is not soft focus, it is fog.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing with high milage. Hope you are all feeling good today! Since our area of the country has an unexplained high incidence of MS, we really need the research. (I kept looking from a post during the ride – from somebody’s Iphone)

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