Gustav Comes to Town

Hurricane Gustav came to town last night.  There wasn’t much wind, but there was a lot of rain.  At three PM I heard a report of three inches and more to come.  I did not ride today but I did see cyclists out today.  I saw one women in the morning on my way to Starbucks.  She was outfitted in a complete rain suit.  Tonight I saw two men riding in the rain, with no rain gear.  The good news is that this rain is suppose to blow off tonight, leaving a clear and unusually cool weekend.  This weekend Anne and I are doing the MS 150 bike ride.  We’re still accepting donations.  Wish us luck!

In other biking news Dave voice mailed us and indicated that he is on his third bike in three years.  Those Rochester winters must be rough on bikes.  NPR Morning Edition’s had an article about the decline of bike messaging as an occupation.  Apparently electronic signatures are taking away a lot of legal courier jobs.  They are trying to adapt by hauling more big stuff.  Good Luck!

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