Cabin Living!

Yesterday was laundry day, so we went to town.  Afterwords we stopped at Penny’s Kitchen for lunch.  In between a Ruben and a salad I managed to upload three photos.  The first one of the white deer that we saw.  The second one was a lady bug that had landed on my bike’s handle bar.  It rode with us from the lighthouse to the Dancing Crane Coffee House.  The third photo is of one of the fish hatchery tanks, with its covering.  After town I biked up and down Six Mile road.  With the road closure it makes a nice bike way.  I got 15 miles.  Last night Betty joined our cabin for fish at the Cozy Inn.  The place was nearly empty.  We guessed that it was because of this weekend’s Bay Mills Whitefish Festival.  Today I biked to the lighthouse.  Passing the ball field on the reservation, I could see signs of setting up for the festival.  I got 25 miles before the rain came.

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