Crusing Down Lakeshore with My Baby

Yesterday, I rode out to the lighthouse by myself.  On the way back I detoured down 6 mile to view  the Big Dig.  Looks like a bike could still make it through.  I got 25 miles.

Today, Anne and I drove to the lighthouse and launched from there.  We went as far as Naomikong Point.  The hatchery is closed for renovation.  light traffic and a tailwind back made for a nice ride.  Not to mention the weather.  We got 36 miles.

Last night the resident clan threw a surprise party for me.  There was Fran, Betty, Grinch, Gene, Harry, Dave and of course Anne and ice cream cake.  Looking back I should have known.  No desert, until I broke out some chocolate.  Gene ate it, but it was against her will (Pa Pa).

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