Is That A White Tail Deer?

Well I guess so since the rest of it is white too.

Anne and I went biking today.  The weather was gray and cloudy as we headed out on the road.  The Green Tunnel road was strewn with puddles.  We headed west to the lighthouse.

Passing through Brimley, Anne started playing one of her favorite games, “Look Deer!”, as we pass some deer statuary.  Less then a mile later, just as we were entering the reservation she starts again, “Look Dear!!” I notice the white deer statue out of the corner of my eye and go, “Yes, Dear.”  To which Anne answers, “Stop Mark!  This one is real!”  So it was, a real albino.  We stop, take some pretty good pictures.  Sorry, I haven’t figured out how to get the XO to talk to the camera.  Maybe later.

We headed onto the lighthouse, did the tourist thing.  The lady there had seen the deer too.  I guess it has been around for a while.  On the way back we saw it again, same spot.  I wonder what Indian lore says about a white deer?  Also on the way back we stopped at the Dancing Crane Coffee House, for lattes and espressos.  There was a nine month old bouncing up and down in a Johnny Jumper seat.  Look out, Dave.

Harry asked us to pick up tomatoes at the IGA, so we stopped there but they were out until tomorrow.  There we met a old guys on a bicycle.  On his bike’s back he had a birdcage.  In the birdcage were two birds, Quaker parrots, Bill and Trixie.  He said that they had ridden back there to FL five times and back.

Leaving the IGA it finally starts to rain.  So we ride back in the rain.  One nice thing about the constructionon 6 mile is that it is a much nicer road to bike, when it isn’t raining.  I got 25 miles.

2 thoughts on “Is That A White Tail Deer?

  1. I suppose that the puddles are a pretty clear indicator that the Grumpy Growler and I have some more work to do on patching the road. Also, it’s always funny to see “a old guys” on bike(s).

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