The Great Adventure, Day 67

Ride: Day 67 bikes, Day 106 total Date: 7/16/82, Friday

From: Mackinaw City to Petoskey State Park (6 miles north)

Via: C-81, Lakeshore Drive (M119), Harbor Springs bike road

State/County: Michigan/Emmet

Mileage:                       Time:

Start 3080                9:15 AM

Finish 48 miles           5:30 PM

Total 3128                 8 ¼ hours

Road Surface/Terrain/Traffic: Paved, some rolling hills, very low traffic ‘til close to Harbor Springs

Map(s)/Guide: MI State & Topo, Emmet County map

Weather: Intermittent sprinkles & one shower, then hot & sunny

Flora/Fauna: Blck squirrels, Sandhill crane (?), chipmunk, goldfinch, balsam, cedar, beech, vulture

Others in Group:

Points of Interest/Mileage: Cross Village, Harbor Springs, nice bluffs all along lake, Petoskey State Park.

Comments: We think it’s raining out so we stay in the tent ‘til 8:00, but it’s mostly wind.  It waits ‘til we’re on the road to rain.  It pours when we get to Bliss and lady in store is not very friendly.  Some hills right after Bliss.  Sun comes out at Cross Village, so we have lunch on the beach there.  The road from Good Hart and most of the way to Harbor Springs is great!  Shaded, low traffic, views of lake.  A couple of good hills too, but that’s the breaks.  We take a long break in Harbor Springs, then go to State Park.  It’s full, but they ;et us camp in the group camp area, since we are on bikes.  We spend the rest of the day on the beach.

Expenses: C&C $0.50, $0.50, Juice: $1.45, IC $2.50, J&C $2.20, Camp $3.00, Total: $10.15, Trip Total: $3646.31

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