Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity, St. Louis is one of more than 1,800 worldwide affiliates of Habitat for Humanity International.  It brings families and communities in need together with volunteers and resources to build decent, affordable housing.  Today Dave volunteered to work Habitat.  Habitat is in the process of building 28 new homes.  Don picked him up at seven this morning.  It was suppose to get up to 97 today.  It only reached 91, but it felt like 97.  Dave got to hammer and saw and lay down flat plastic orange construction fence to make a carpet.  The building site’s soil is contaminated with lead.  They will cover the orange fence with clean dirt and the orange fence will serve as a notice for future digging occupants.  Dave liked it and wants to do it again.  In addition to Don two other Team Kaldi’s members were there.  One was Bill Abkemeier the other was Kubie, who Dave described as someone who had kicked by butt, mileage wise.  Some people! 😉

PS – Joanie and I are going to see My Fair Lady tonight.  Victorian costumes and Saint Louis heat, oh boy!

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