Team Kaldi’s Trip Report

Today’s ride was the Kaldi’s to Kaldi’s ride. Each rider started at the Kaldi’s location closest to their home and we all planned to meet in the middle, we all saved on gasoline, making this a Green Event! We started with two groups which eventually met at the Kirkwood Kaldi’s. Our group started from the Kaldi’s on De Mun and the other group started from the Kaldi’s in Chesterfield Valley.

I led the De Mun group of 12 and Don led the Chesterfield group of 7. The ride from De Mun was at a conversational pace. We arrived first (with less miles to go) followed closely by the Chesterfield group. We all had some more conversation, coffee, pastries, lunch, etc. Pictured are Nat and Don. I later learned from Don, that if you show up in a Team Kaldi’s jersey you get a 15% discount there. We figured out what the we wanted to do as we were hanging out. And, then we continued –

Most of the De Mun group opted for a tour of the south side. I believe the Chesterfield group headed back? From Kirkwood we took Grant’s Trail to its terminus. It was crowded. We then headed up Morganford to the River des Peres Trail. In Shrewsbury Mark Abel and son headed west, while the rest of us headed north. We then passed by over into Schlafly’s Bottleworks in Maplewood where we met up with Nat’s husband Chris, the DJ.

We arrived just in time to see the turning of the tide at Wimbledon (Whoops!).  It was a cool respite. You know how it is when you walk into a place where everyone knows your name? The next best thing is a place where everyone knows your friend’s name. Free beer, thanks Nat, cheers!

We made it back through Maplewood. I figure the De Mun group logged 30 miles. I got 34 miles and Stu and Nancy escorting me home. Honestly folks, I only had one beer!

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