The Great Adventure, Day 64

Ride: Day 64 bikes, Day 86 total            Date: 6/27/82, Sunday

From: Iron Bridge to Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Via: Kings Highway 17, 176, 3 Mile, 6 Mile, Business 75, Birch Point, Green Tunnel Rd.

State/County: Algoma, Ontario / Chippewa, MI

Mileage:                  Time:

Start     2853                8:00 AM

Finish  85 miles           8:00 PM

Total    2938                 12 hours [corrected a 60 mile discrepancy] 

Road Surface/Terrain/Traffic: 17 was trafficked, the road was better surfaced, with paved shoulders

Map(s)/Guide: Ontario Provincial Map, Chippewa County [as if]

Weather: Sunny and warm, wind from the southwest

Flora/Fauna: Porcupine, Iris, Seagulls, Downy Woodpecker

Others in Group: Hugh Wright, Arlington, MA and Scott Shepard, Arlington, MA

Points of Interest/Mileage:Bruce Mines Museum, Soo, Ontario, International Bridge, Soo Locks, The CABIN!

Comments:We get an early start from camp.  Then ride all the way to Thessalon before getting breakfast (It’s Sunday in Ontario).  We have a flat tire right outside of Thessalon.  When we get to Bruce River we meet a solo bicyclist headed east.  While we’re talking with him, Scott and Hugh ride in.  We decide to ride together and set quite a fast pace, since we don’t know how fast the other guys go.  We get to Sault, Ontario and take a brake before assaulting the bridge.  We “dine” at A&W, then head out.  A beach fire with wine, beer and talk ends the day.

Expenses: Breakfast $10.00, Coke $1.19, Toll $1.50, Snacks $5.31, Dinner $6.00, Total: $24.00, Trip Total: $3215.43

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