The Great Adventure – Day 63

Ride: Day 63 bikes, Day 85 total            Date: 6/26/82, Saturday

From: Massey to Iron Bridge

Via: Road from Chutes, Kings Highway 17

State/County: Ontario / Sudbury, Algoma Counties

Mileage:                                               Time:

Start     2793                                         11:00 AM

Finish  97 km = 60 miles                       8:00 PM

Total    2853                                         8 ½ hours

Road Surface/Terrain/Traffic: Paved, (first mile on 17 had gravel sections), Hilly at first then flatter, Moderately heavy traffic

Map(s)/Guide: Ontario Provincial Map

Weather: Sunny and warm all day!! Some headwinds

Flora/Fauna: Grouse??, wild strawberries, wild roses, hawks, aspen/birch, cedars, pine trees, wild flowers

Others in Group: Lots of bicyclists! Three guys headed to Newfoundland, Two guys to New Brunswick, One guy, Don, going west, An older man and younger women headed to Connecticut, Pictures there at the Chutes

Points of Interest/Mileage: Scenic lookout – rapids on Serpent River (Just west of Cutler)

Comments: Well Rick left long before we even got up.  We slept in late, showered and had breakfast by the falls.  We go through the last of the gravel and then press on.  The traffic, especially the trucks is annoying, but not too bad.  We stop for pictures at scenic turnout near Cutler and talk to three bicyclists there.  After Spranque it becomes a P.O.R. day, although there are lots of bicyclists going by.  It’s P.O.R. because we got a late start and want to reach Iron Bridge or Thessalon tonight.  After a big dinner in Iron Bridge the choice is Iron Bridge.  More miles tomorrow, I guess.

Expenses: C&C&J $1.12, $1.22, Lunch $5.51, Dinner $21.66 (MC), Camp $4.00, Shower $1.25 Total: $34.76, Trip Total: $3191.43

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