Harvest Season

Tower Grove Park Farmer’s Market

Yesterday, we visited the Tower Grove farmer’s market. I brought the drone and even though it was a red flag day, and I had some other technical issues, I managed to get this shot. Plus, I flew the drone safely, managing not to crash it into a tree. Win-Win! This weekend’s market was much larger than normal, and it was quite well attended. Probably, because this is harvesting season and the farmers have much to sell. Also, it was a fine day. Autumn is the one season where the weather in Saint Louis is generally pleasant. Not too hot like summertime. Not too cold like winter. And not too brief like springtime.

Among this throng, I felt a bit out of place. Most of the people were much younger than me and many of them had accessorized with both dogs and small children. Still, it was fun rubbing shoulders with all of these hipsters. Back in my day, we were known as preppies, but fashion changes and yesterday I did not see a single untucked, buttoned-down shirt or any plaid shorts either. People are so much less corporate now than we were then. If they still do wear a buttoned-down shirt, it is only in the office and generally only for special occasions.

This is all prelude to my most recent guilty pleasure. It is the YouTube channel of the New Zealand couple Mike and Joelle. Mike does standup and most of their videos have Mike voicing over part of his comedy routine, while Joelle wordlessly reacts to what he is saying. Their humor is tagged as both “couple’s comedy” and “marriage humor”. One of my favorite routines is called It came from corporate. In this bit Mike describes himself as the family’s assistant manager. Joelle is the manager because he “doesn’t have the same understanding or enthusiasm for ‘our’ policies.” Like replacing the toilet paper roll, but as he explains to their kids “this comes from corporate.” 

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