Very Scary

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The weekend is over. Dan and Britt have safely returned to NYC and their very attentive cat Inky. We are still in Boston. Hanging with our new grandson Declan, who is a marvel every day. Oh yeah and his parents Maren and David, whom we also dearly love. I am enjoying this visit, with its associated bonding time, but I have not been sleeping well here in Boston. It could just be the Air B&B or more particularly its bed, which has spawned frequent backaches. To combat those, I take a single Aleve in the morning, which helps with my back, but also creates GI issues later in the day, especially when I’m lying down in bed at night. This distress leads to hours of sleeplessness, as I have to deal with a sour stomach. As I lie awake at night, my mind begins to race with worry. Thinking of all the scary things that could befall my family. If one of our dads got sick, it would take us three days to get back to Michigan and likely six days to get to California. I worry about Dan who lives a life more on the edge then I would be comfortable with. Then there is Maren, Dave and Declan. They have now embarked on a monumental adventure. I pray for everyone’s good health, good luck and success. Around here, Anne is the baby whisperer. Her loving good nature, combined with her well-seasoned maternal instinct makes her a natural. I try to help out where I can. For example, I went to Lowe’s today, with a list of needed home improvement goods. At store, I found something truly scary. The Halloween decorations are already out. Pictured is some of the horror that awaits us. Speaking of horror, last night I checked the current Saint Louis weather, a temperature 99 ºF that feels like 120 ºF. Oh, the horror!

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  1. The horror is that we have hit 100℉ every day so far this week and will likely continue that through Friday when the cold front moves in. The heat index has been in the 110s. I won’t go out during the day unless it’s necessary, or to meet friends for social knitting (which could be called necessary). Have a great time with Declan, Dave and Maren and take lots of pics!

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