Halibut Point State Park

Quarry at Halibut Point State Park

Weekend! Dave had Saturday off and we all took advantage of this fact and drove to the coast. Our first stop was a lobster shack in Gloucester called the Lobster Pool. I got a lobster roll. I had tried to buy one last fall, when we were up here for Thanksgiving, but then they were priced at $75. This one was much more affordable. Next-door was Halibut State Park, where we walked around the old quarry and looked at the ocean. I was convinced that this quarry had been featured in the swimming scene from the movie CODA, but at the visitor’s center learned that it had not. That scene had been shot at a neighboring quarry. The people there had gotten that question so many times that they had made Not-CODA t-shirts. Next on our itinerary and just down the coast was Rockport. This seaside community is where Maren and her family would summer. Then they would rent a place, but now her brother Luke has bought a house. It is a fixer upper, but he is busy working on it. Maren’s other brother Jake greeted us when we arrived. He and his wife Bella are helping with the home renewal. We hung out there until the little man let us know that it was time to go. Back to our B&B near Malden. Dan and Britt had already arrived there, having driven up from NYC. We picked up takeout Mexican and Maren was even able to dine with us. It was a pretty good day.

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