Urban Wildlife

Coyote by John Thomas on Unsplash

Yesterday, Dave and I drove to get some takeout. It was not dark yet, not by half, but we passed a coyote that was walking down the middle of the street. It walked away without a concern. Malden is an urban environment, populated by houses on city lots, but there are plenty of interstitial spaces around. None more than near Maren and David’s home. They live atop a granite outcropping, with some other nearby houses seemingly carved into the hillside. Nearby street names like Cliff and Mountain are indicative of the terrain. Looking at satellite imagery, there seems to be plenty of greenspace around them, perfect coyote habitat. Earlier this year the City of Malden had hired hunters to cull the coyote population. The number of missing pet signs around seems to indicate that more needs to be done.

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