The Big Dig

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge

Last night, we made it to Boston. Anne drove the final leg, through downtown Boston, during rush-hour. The climax of this journey was traveling around the city center, mostly underground, through the Big Dig. This road project originally was only going to cost a couple of billion, but a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking about real money. Twenty billion later and it was mostly done, except for the rework. Usually, I draw the short straw and get the hairy legs of any road trip, but for some reason Anne wanted it all for herself. I guess that she felt that she needed to prove something. Anyway, she got us to our Air B&B, which seems fine. We grabbed some takeout to go and then it was time to summit, so we headed up to Maren and David’s place. Or should I say Declan’s new place now? As per usual, traffic and such pushed us past our new little host’s primetime, but that is the way of these things. He was mostly awake, if a wee bit fussy. He was better in the morning. Today was a rainy day. Around noon, we were able to coax Puck out for her dog walk, but she was still rather reluctant. In the afternoon, I did a grocery shop or them. This local store is decidedly Hispanic, but also quite cosmopolitan. It is about the same square footage as our store back home but packed in even more product and people. It was very crowded for a weekday afternoon, and I often felt lost, but fortunately, it had a huge first shift staff, with an endless stream of stockers who were quite helpful finding items. 

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