End of Another Sailing Season

Trailering the Sailboat

Yesterday, after a two-day blow the lake calmed enough so that Dan and Britt could sail their boat to the state park and then take it out for the season. I drove the Prius and trailer thre to meet them. I lucked out and got to the park early enough so that there was no ranger on duty yet and slipped in without paying. I even managed to back the trailer down the boat ramp all by myself. Fortunately, I had gotten to the park with enough time to through trial-and-error back the trailer into the water. Returning at the cabin, they disassembled the boat, stored all its bits and left the sailboat ready to be put away for the winter. We eventually launched about noon, with Dan taking the first leg to Gaylord. We lunched there and afterwards I took the wheel. Today, Dan and Britt have their big drive, all the way to NYC and I hoped to give Dan a break before that marathon. Shortly, after I began driving though, I was passed by a big Mercedes Stepper van. I was trying to pass a semi when this tricked out camper van passed me on the right and then slid in-between me and the truck. There were only two car lengths separating me from the tanker, when the extra-long Mercedes pulled its frightening maneuver. #$@!% Michigan drivers! After that scare we proceeded to Ann Arbor without any other near-death experiences, even though that same van passed us again and on our righthand side again. We made it to town in time to see Harry, before he was off to the opera. He seemed to be in better shape than a week ago. Then it was off to the Palm Palace, where we met Jane for dinner. 

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