Out and About in a Boot

Stormy Seas

Yesterday, Dan and Britt tried sailing their boat, but the wind was too strong, and the waves were too high. It was pretty much an out and back trip. Today, was the day that they were supposed to sail it over to the boat launch ramp in Brimley State  Park, but the wind and waves were still too much. They are leaving tomorrow, so the plan is to move the boat in the morning and launch south around noon. We will see how well that goes. The forecast is more favorable, so it might workout. The plan is for them to sail to the park and for me to meet them there with the Prius, towing the trailer. We will load the boat onto the trailer and them motor back to the cabin, unload the trailer, store the boat and then load all of their luggage into the car for the trip south to Ann Arbor. We will see how well that works out. 

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