Like Ships Passing in the Night

Lake Boat Upbound at Dusk

When Anne headed south earlier this week, it was hoped that after Harry had his procedure that she could come back north again this weekend. That appears less likely now. Dan and Britt are scheduled to leave the cabin on Monday, and I will hitch a ride down south with them so that I can see my sweetie again. Well, where oh where can my baby be? Family matters have taken her away from me. She’s gone down to troll land, so I got to do good, So, I can see my baby when I leave this cabin. I think that I have enough clean underwear to last until then. Maybe, I should check again though? Of course, this travel arrangement, means that Britt will be sitting in the backseat of the Prius, balanced atop two longboard skateboards, sliding back-and-forth as Dan skitters south along I-75. Once in Ann Arbor, they will overnight with us, get to see Harry and then I’ll sport everyone for dinner at the Palm Palace, with its novel robot server. On Tuesday, they will then head east, back to NYC that should be in full sweltering, smelly armpit mode to welcome them. One bit of good news about this development is that I feel less inclined to tidy up around the cabin now. I mean if Jane was imminently expected then that would be different, but this seems unlikely now. Today is supposed to be hot here. How hot is that you ask? Well, today it is expected to reach 83 ºF. That may not sound all that warm, especially to you all down south, but it is the best that we can do up here. I won’t worry anymore about any of these things today. I will worry about them tomorrow, because as God is my witness, tomorrow is another day and today is a beach day. So, put your swimsuit on, because surfs up and sail ho!

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