Ann Arbor Art Fair

Wild Bill

Today, was the first day of this year’s Ann Arbor Art Fair. With a day pass from elder care, I got downtown early, before the crowds and the heat arrived. Also, even before the fair actually began. The artists were only just getting set up. I saw most, if not all of the fair and had the good fortune of stumbling into Mister Bill. He had toured the fair in its entirety, but only took forty minutes to do so. I am not sure how much art he actually saw. We adjourned to the Red Hook, for an eleven AM beer, chased with a mountain of nachos. The place had just opened and was only beginning to fill up when we sat down at the bar. The place was full when we left. Bill and I walked down Liberty, until I got back to the car, when we parted ways. In the parking garage I spied our fiftieth and final state license plate (Delaware), winning Anne her license plate game. Jane has offered both of us the weekend off, so tomorrow, we will head back north to the cabin. This is a much nicer birthday present than just getting out of the Low-Quality Inn.

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