You’re Not Jane!

Oh Deer!

Have you heard from Jane today?

We heard from Jane last Saturday. She asked us if we could come down to Ann Arbor and help her take care of Harry. We of course said yes and told her that we could be there on Sunday. She told us that Saturday would actually be better. We scrambled and made it by five. Unfortunately, in our haste I booked a non-refundable weeklong stay at the Poor-Quality Inn. I tried to get out of it, but to no avail. It is dirty, dingy and is costing us a grand. Today, I got coffee there and the individual servings of half-and-half had gone bad and I had to pitch my coffee. This Saturday, for my birthday and I am giving myself a get out of the Poor-Quality Inn party and it is exactly what I want.

When is Jane coming over?

Dan stopped by Harry’s place today for a little visit. He left NYC yesterday and is now on his way up to the cabin. He offered to take me with him, but then I would be leaving Anne all alone at the Poor-Quality Inn and I just could not do that. Afterall, she is not Jane. With first the writer’s strike and now the actor’s Dan has been out-of-work, at least from his union job. He has found some gig work though. When he attended the last Warhammer 40K Open in Las Vegas, he made contact with the vendor who runs the Open. Long story short, he is designing all of the terrain that they will use at the next Open. This work involves creating CAD files that can be then used to laser cutout the new terrain pieces. They will print the pieces, assemble them and then someday, hopefully Dan will get paid. Britt has a new job, which she just started. So, while she does have an income, she does not have much vacation time. Next week, she will be flying into Chippewa International Airport and arriving at Gate One and Only. So how does an artist get a steady income? Wait for it… He gets married.

Is Jane coming for dinner?

Enough about me and mine. Harry was in the hospital last week. We thought that he had had another stroke, but it turned out that the problem was with his heart. He has an atrial flutter, which is when part of his heart beats too fast and messes up his blood circulation. This condition could have been the underlying cause of his strokes. Next week, they will ablate his heart, which sounds positively awful. Using a catheter, they will scar the offending portion of his heart, causing it to fall in line and again play nicely with others. This is not open-heart surgery and instead is treated as an outpatient procedure. Hopefully afterwards, he will feel more like his former self again.

You’re not Jane!

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