Why Yes, I was Born Yesterday

Declan Bruce Axe, born 7/7/2023 at 1:43 AM, 7 lbs. 9 oz.

Nine months in the making, I give you Declan, our first grandchild. Maren made a beautiful baby, with Dave’s help. He was born early yesterday morning and all day long I joked that he was not born yesterday. Today however, I must change my tune, because now he was born yesterday. Everyone is doing fine, if a bit tired. Yesterday and today Maren and David have been getting to know their new son. They have been sharing lots of pictures of him that are only for family consumption. Declan is an Irish name that may have made the final cut after their recent visit to Ireland. Bruce is Maren’s father’s name. Boys are predominant in my family. My dad had three boys, who in turn had three more boys. If you go further afield, my dad’s sister had two boys, who in turn had two boys. It is quite the streak. Declan had his first bath today that revealed strawberry blonde hair. He is a cutie, who I look forward to meeting next month.

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  1. Oh my, what wonderful news. You are grandparents!? Welcome little baby Declan! Congratulations🥰

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