Salt Free, No Sharks

Just When You Thought That It Was Safe to Go Into the Water

Forty-seven years ago, this summer, we all learned that it was not safe to go into the water, after the movie Jaws first came out. Forty-seven, forty-seven years… Gilbert and Sulivan aside, does that make you feel old? Here on the Great Lakes, with their unsalted shark free waters, Jaws should not have had any effect with us here. Instead, we have Sea Lampreys. This invasive species is not normally injurious to humans. This is contrary to the Photoshopped image with this post, courtesy of yesterday’s Engineers Day demonstrations. However, in ancient times, captive lampreys had been used to torture people. Not a good way to go. Sorry, about this morbid foray, but it is a rainy day here.

Fantastical water dangers aside, we have detected the makings of a real-world water problem at the cabin. The roof on the kitchen porch is leaking around the stove pipe. Now, there has been leakage there for years. At least we have seemingly always had rust forming on top of the wood stove. In the past, we have always chalked it up to condensation, but after yesterday’s heavy rain there was a standing water puddled on top of the stove. To make matters worse, when Anne was last up on the roof, cleaning it off, she found a soft spot in the roof near the stove pipe. However, today we have also had rain, heavy at times, but not as heavy as it was yesterday and there has not been any leaks. After this holiday weekend, we plan on reaching out to the same company that replaced the sleeping porch roof in 2020. They were very busy then. We first contacted them in late July, and they were not able to do the work until early September. I do not know if we need to replace the porch roof or not and hopefully things are not as busy now, as they were in 2020, but I think that we should get someone out to look at the problem and also get in line now, if we do need a new roof.

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