Engineers Day

Engineers Day T-shirt

On the last Friday in June or is it the last day of June or is it the first Friday in June that the locks are finally ice free, who knows. Anyway, today was the day that annually is set aside as Engineers Day at the Soo Locks. The Corps of Engineers likes to celebrate its engineers. We went to it last year, when it was sweltering hot. This year not so much. We were delayed from leaving the cabin, when thunderstorms rolled in. We soon lost power, but did not lose the internet. Fiber is a passive medium, unlike older methods and our new modem has a battery backup. This was midmorning, so there was still enough ambient light to see by. Anne caught a Canadian forecast that announced hail as big as Loonies. The Loonie, the Canadian dollar and is about an inch in diameter. We waited out the storm in the gloom and then our power came back on again. Empowered again, first we showered before heading into town. When we got downtown, we parked on Magazine Street, which then was where the last available parking spaces were quickly filling up. A woman, an employee of Cloverland Electric parked behind us and we all walked together down to the festival. Reaching Portage Avenue, she told us that the putt-putt mini-golf course and everything else on that block is slated for demolition. A new Marriott is scheduled to be built there. We next met Dashie, a neighbor, who was cleaning up after her booth had been swamped by the storm. She was moving everything over to the Alberta House to dry off. I scored a Whitefish sandwich from a tribal booth that was also affiliated with the Alberta House. Our next stop was the Soo historical society. They had a model railroad display that was pretty cool. Anne showed them some 1950s photos that her mom had taken and Anne was trying to figure out where they were taken. Long story short, probably not in the Soo. Finally, we made it onto the lock’s ground and Engineers Day. This year the headquarters building was open to the public. Other than that, it was very similar to last year. We left the locks and headed over to the Alberta House, where we saw Dashie again. Then it was off to Meijer’s, which was a madhouse and then back to the cabin.

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