Начала конца Путина

Photo by Pylz Works on Unsplash

Beginning of the end of Putin. — Alexander Vindman

Sit back, put your feet up, grab an adult beverage and a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the unfolding spectacle. Raise your glass and toast to the confusion of our enemies. Last year, the Russians expected Kiev to fall in three days, now it appears more likely that Moscow will fall in three days. Update: Putin reportedly flees Moscow. Machine gun positions erected around Moscow. Wagner convoy heading to Moscow. I do not know what is really happening over in Russia right now, or what will happen next, but remember, it is only a coup if it comes from the coup d’état region of France. What appears to be happening in Moscow right now is just a sparkling insurrection.

UPDATE: Well, that was weird. I should have remained an expert on undersea submersible and not try to become an expert on internal Russian politics too. I have many hours of experience playing Civilization V. Vladimir Putin should have known that when his national happiness fell below -20 he would start spawning random insurgents. Here’s what he should do next: Consider buying pikemen in his closest cities.

2 thoughts on “Начала конца Путина

  1. In my family, we traditionally toast “to the contusions of our adversaries”, as enemies, generally, deserve something more permanent.
    I admit that I
    revel in watching the “Putinistas” turn on each other. Bob says it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

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