Backyard Cleanout

A Dozen Leaf Bags

Pictured are the bagged remains of the jungle that used to be our back yard. Arnaldo, our yard man collected and bagged all this vegetation this week. I only had to haul them to the curb. The bags were heavy though. He did a lot of work, and I am grateful for his service. Anne and I earned an appreciation for the work required, when we took our own first swipe at the backyard. We generated about as many bags, but our bags were nowhere near as full as these. Us getting poison ivy too did not help either. The backyard looks wide open now and much bigger too. It seems unbelievable that our tiny city lot could host this much plant life. Today is trash day, in addition to being the longest day of the year. Our poor overworked and underpaid garbagemen should be able haul these away for us. When they finally showed up in the late afternoon the two men struggled to lift the bags into the dump truck. It has begun to dry out for the summer, so it is unlikely that the jungle will return anytime soon. Hopefully, not until next year.

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