A New Outlook on Life

It was madness, madness I tell you. When we accommodated the window guys, by granting their request to advance their installation appointment, we did not realize that this would double book us. We had forgotten about our previously scheduled appointment with our new financial advisor. We were forced to resort to a zone defense. Anne locked herself in the computer room, with the desktop PC and two iPhones. Girding her loins, she prepared herself for some heavy lifting and set about shoveling her money around. Meanwhile, I dealt with the three window guys from Quincy. I indicated to them the four windows to be replaced and they quickly set to work. Soon old storm windows and original 1937 window frames were marching out the front door, on their way first to the curb and then oblivion. The three gentlemen began with the upstairs windows, planning for the eventuality of summer heat, but it was not going to be that sort of day. Anne finished with her phone call at about the time that the other guys were done upstairs. Her was all mission accomplished. It seemed to take the guys longer to do the remaining bedroom windows, but they got it done. Pictured are the exterior and interior views of our new bedroom windows. There will be no more painting their trim. I was able to reinstall the Levolor blinds almost one-handed. Inspecting their work, we were very pleased with it and plan on rehiring them again next tax year. It still being only early afternoon, we went for a walk. At bedtime, it was nice enough to sleep with one window open.

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