Playing Koi

Playing Koi


  1. having a shy or sweetly innocent quality that is often intended to be attractive or to get attention.
    • a koi flirt [blub-blub Translation: “Feed me”]
    • a koi glance/smile [blub-blub “Feed me, Seymour”]
    • I did not like its koi manner [blub-blub “Feed me, Seymour. NOW!”]
  2. not telling or revealing all the information that could be revealed.
    • It gave a koi answer. [blub-blub “What is this all about?”]
  3. often + about
    • They are being koi about the deal. [blub-blub “Talking fish”]

play koi (US) to avoid giving a direct or complete answer.

  • Asked about its next book, it played koi. [blub-blub “Hungry talking fish”]
    koi-ly adverb
    It smiled koi-ly. [blub-blub “or Dada”]
    It koi-ly refused to say anything more about it. [blub-blub]
    koi-ness noun

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