Nights at the Game Table

Tear Down Their Icons

If boyz gotta be gaming, then that leaves the gurls to their own devices. When asked what Britt and Maren were up to this weekend, while he and his brother were out gaming, Dan answered, “They are their own bosses. I assume committing crimes.” David and Maren are in NYC this weekend and Dave and Dan are playing Warhammer together. I am so pleased that as adults, our two sons have learned to play well with each other. Dan’s swanky Williamsburg 40K gaming club hosted a tourney, where Dan acted as judge. This rather busy graphic is a look down view of David’s gaming table. This security cam like video still includes an over the shoulder inset of Dave hunched over the table. Doing double duty as a hand model, you can also see his hands moving his model soldiers around the table. Shown leading here, David went on to win this game and snag a prize for best painted army in the tourney. That was yesterday’s text exchange. Today, Anne and I Zoomed with them all and got filled in.

In the middle of that Zoom call, Mr. Bill called Anne’s phone. He was at the cabin. Part of his mission there was to collect the two Depression era hooked rugs that Sugar Island native women had made to sell with the help of the WPA long ago. Paulette and Dashie are organizing a fiber-arts show in the spring at the Alberta house and had asked to borrow these family heirlooms for that event. While he was in the old cabin, Bill noticed some rodent damage to one of the old cots’ bedspreads, thankfully mice and not squirrels. I’m glad now that I put the new cots back into their boxes at the end of last year.

A Weekend (family) Update would not be complete without a report on the soggy state of California. My dad, the big man on high, still remains high and dry, while all around him others are being flooded out. The good news is that he is no longer complaining about how dry it is in Monterey and how much they need the rain. The bad news is that all of those beautiful rain spawned wildflowers are driving his allergies wild. Just after we had hung-up news flashed of a levee break nearby. On a clear day (yeah right) he could probably see it. The flood is located near Watsonville, in mostly low farmland that empties into the neighboring Elkhorn Slough, our go to place to see sea otters. Across the state, up in the high Serria mountains of Tahoe, Kathy posted a Facebook photo of their lodge there. It is covered in snow to more than the height of the door. I hope that no bears have decided to hibernate there, because they would not be coming out until late, late, late spring. 

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  1. What an interesting life you lead. Please fill us in when you figure out what Maren & Britt were up to!

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