Bird Brain Behavior

I like birds. I like them because sometimes they are regal, sometimes they are just pretty and sometimes they are silly. Take the case of this Rufous-collared Sparrow that was exhibiting some classic bird brain behavior. Perched on the sideview mirror of our van, it kept attacking its own image in the mirror. It is almost as if it was having an argument with itself, “I’m the pretty bird!” “No, I’m the pretty bird!” This repeated often enough that I was able get photos of both sides of this dispute. No telling though who eventually won.

We did go see the movie 80 for Brady last night and while I can safely say that none of the Oscar winning women starring in this film will be further embellishing their reputations with another award from this vehicle, it was an enjoyable movie to watch. The audience was small, but heck it is February, and it was cold out. I am pretty sure that the “true story” at the heart of this movie departed from reality at about the time these golden girls arrived in Houston for the 2017 Superbowl game between the Patriots and the Falcons. I remember watching this game on TV and I was at the time among the Tom Brady hating supermajority. I must say that I was dismayed with their comeback victory. In the movie Brady was as emotionless as ever, but with such a great supporting cast he acquitted himself adequately. How is that for faint praise?

One of the best recurring bits in the show is the running dialog throughout the movie between Brady and Lilly Tomlin who plays the “quarterback” for her team of octogenarians. He offers her encouragement with overcoming the many obstacles that she faces in life and just getting to the game. She repays the favor, late in the third quarter, when the Patriots are “down by a lot.” She gives him a better-late-than-never halftime pep talk, which turns the game around. For you still unconvinced Brady-haters out there, Anne spied in the credits that like many of his costars, Tom Brady had his own personal hairstylist, while Sally Field who plays a woman that worked for MIT did not.

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