Pura Vida!

Zipline Dave

No, we are not in Costa Rica, at least not yet. This movie comes courtesy of David, who traveled there back in 2013. He is traveling in tandem with a guide who is following and photographing him. Let it replay once to see the entire video. I was looking for something completely different, when I found this gem. He went there with classmates from Rochester after he had graduated from undergrad. In preparation for this trip, he broached the subject of doing this zipline ride. It seemed to me that he was asking for permission. Silly me. Anyway, I said no, and he wisely ignored me. Somehow, I ended up with copies of his photos from that trip. I think that I had loaned him the camera. It looks like he did some of the things that we are scheduled to do. Like a jungle river cruise through crocodile infested waters. I am pretty sure that ziplining is not on our itinerary. Can you imagine a bunch of old codgers like us attempting that? Anne just informed me that although ziplining is not on the official itinerary, she thought that it was on the list of optional things to do. So, can Mom and Dad go ziplining too? Our wills are all made up.

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