Tropical Paradise

Honeymoon Beach – Lettuce Alone

Cheers and Roebuck! Here is to us not having another FAA system wide shut down on this Saturday. Come on Mayor Pete do your stuff. Our bags are all but packed and we are ready and rearing to go. Even though the weather here has been warm, both yesterday and today, such weather around here is fleeting and will not last until tomorrow. Time to head south for the winter, or at least a small part of it. Today’s photo is from our last journey south, to the US Virgin Islands. It was our last trip before the pandemic and in a way, it was somewhat international. We had to go through US customs in order to get back to the mainland. Apparently, the border around the islands cannot not be controlled and this is how they have decided to secure the border for the rest of the country. We did not need a passport then, but we will on Saturday. We do not need a visa, but interestingly, we will have to pay a tax to leave Costa Rica, but it is only about $35 and might be folded into our airfare. As if you could not tell, we are really looking forward to this trip!

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