Groundhog Day


Two years ago today, our Capitol building was the scene of a violent insurrection where the former president attempted to illegally remain in power through a self-coup. He failed and many of his minions have or are still paying the price for their treason. However, none of the ringleaders of that event, in particular the “former guy” has yet to face justice. Maybe the wheels of justice are just slow to grind or maybe like too many other powerful people before them, they will evade justice. It is too soon to know, but the interest now being shown in the investigation into the mishandling of classified documents and that old reliable Federal charge, income tax fraud, would tend to indicate that insurrection or treason are bars too high to mount. Time will tell.

Fast-forward to today, the House chamber is again the center of attention. This chamber where two years ago representatives hunkered down under the onslaught of a rioting mob, a mob of a different sort holds sway. To call the Republicans a political party gives them too much organizational credit. This week’s proceedings have plainly shown that they lack even the barest of consensus needed to govern. They are caught in an endless loop, as they fail to even begin this new session. It is like Groundhog Day, the movie. Where they go from here is anyone’s guess. I do not know about them, but if it were me, by now, I would be tired of all this winning.


4 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. McCarthy’s thanks Trump for his support on becoming speaker on the anniversary of the attempted insurrection. To list all the things wrong with this would take too long and be too depressing. The Republican party has lost any ligering credibility it clung to in exchange for a grasp of power. It is still possible to turn the page on this embarrassing disgrace but only if voters resolve themselves to eschew all support for the Republican party and its canidates.

    • Well said Regenaxe and Cristofeo. I never tire of seeking words that succinctly describe this mess. Maybe this is predicated on the hope that if we find just the right words that more might grasp the significance of these events. It is hard to believe that people with privilege and educational access would fail to recognize the ugliness and worse yet perpetrate it.

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